Over the past few years we’ve really focused on getting a brilliant team together – a collective of people with a shared vision for our company. And here we are…talented, conscientious, dedicated and ever so nice to work with!

Our Fantastic Team

Simon Beech - Managing Director

Simon Beech - RoboTeam Director

As RoboTeam’s managing director, I’ve been leading the company for 4 years,

in which time I’ve really focused on building a world class team of robotic service specialists.

I’ve used my 20 years in the flexible automation industry working for ABB and Toyota to understand customer needs and have used this knowledge to support my customers.

I’m always looking ahead at how to improve our customers service experience and make sure my team continually try to exceed our customers expectations – I’m building an ambitious, talented team who eventually will take over and achieve even greater things!


Simon Beech – Managing Director

Wendy Beech - Marketing Director

 Wendy Beech - Marketing

It makes all the difference as a sales and marketing director to truly believe in what you’re selling, and I do

It gives me great pride and pleasure to promote RoboTeam with the confidence knowing I have full support from a great team. I think that the twenty years I have worked in the NHS and then starting my own training business before becoming sales and marketing director for RoboTeam has been the most useful thing in my career so far – it’s put me in a great position to look at things differently and develop ‘out of the box’ ideas. I’ve also watched RoboTeam grow, from the moment Simon left ABB as service manager and decided to start his own robotic service business, building a successful company. I’m in no doubt that RoboTeam will be the leading robotic service company in the UK within the next ten years. We’re a great team, all talented, and we all love working with our customers.


Wendy Beech – Marketing Director

Robert Troop - Service Coordinator

As service coordinator I get great satisfaction from seeing everyone working together effectively, recognising and resolving issues and making everything better.

Our number one priority is always in keeping customers happy and what I like is that we all enjoy doing that – working here is actually fun! I have an excellent team of five service engineers to call from, Including Simon and I, who between us have worked for all the major equipment manufacturers including ABB, FANUC, Motoman and KUKA. As such a small team, we all pull in the same direction and that helps us achieve. I think we challenge traditional ways of working for our industry – there won’t be many in our industry who prioritise customer relationship and constantly try and exceed their expectations – but that’s where we make a difference.


Robert Troop – Service Coordinator

Jacob Bell - Service Technician

As a service technician for RoboTeam, I love working with our customers to get what they want from their robots.


Simon is really looking at developing a world class robotic service team.

He has taken me on as a service technician and is investing in me by sending me on a Engineering Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship at Bath College. The course has been designed for the robotic industry with a combined electrical and mechanical pathway.

As part of the apprenticeship i get to work with our customers and help them get what they want from their robots.


Jacob Bell – Service Technican

John Couzens - Consultant Engineer

RoboTeam have a great culture and vision.

Simon and I worked together at ABB, when he asked me to support him to help him towards the RoboTeam’s vision it was an easy choice.

I just love the way the teamwork together and that individually each engineer manages and own each stage of our customers experience.


John Couzens – Consultant Engineer